Lanesborough MA Historic House Plaque Program has been selected by the Lanesborough MA 250th Committee to create hand lettered and painted historic house sign plaques for about 40 historic houses and historic properties to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Lanesborough, Massachusetts. This page is created to be a clearinghouse of information for Lanesborough MA homeowners.

Lanesborough has selected the 15″ x 9″ rectangle solid Western Red Cedar sign plaque for the standard house plaque. An example of this hand painted and hand lettered sign is photographed above.

Questions and comments regarding the Lanesborough sign program can be posted here on this page by entering the comment in the field below. Registering as a user is not required. Responses to common questions will be posted here as well.

potter-500For a select number of historic properties, the 16″ x 12″ camelback shape solid cedar sign was selected. It is pictured at the right.

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