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Solid Cedar House Plaques vs Cast Aluminum Plaques

How do cedar painted historic house plaques compare to cast aluminum painted historic house plaques?  Consider the cast aluminum plaque seen here. What do you see? cast aluminum historic house plaque finish deteriorated

If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the photo here of a cast aluminum historic house plaque manufactured by a metal plaque manufacturer selling online.  A larger version of this plaque appears below. In it you can count over 50 areas of the painted finish that have deteriorated, cracked, chipped or peeled away from the aluminum base.  Continue>> Continue reading

Solid Cedar Signs Versus MDO Medium Density Overlay

Why solid cedar is superior to MDO
Why solid cedar is superior to MDO

I was shocked (initially) to see this claim on a competitor’s web site and it motivated me to finally set out the advantages of using solid Western Red Cedar for exterior outdoor display signs compared to the cheaper and lower quality material – MDO – or medium density overlay.

There are several problems with the competitor’s claims.

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House Number Hand Painted Wood Signs

We have created a new cedar wooden sign perfect for house numbers for an historic house.


It measures 9 inches square although you can request a custom size. Made from solid western red cedar, 1-1/4 inches starting thickness (aka “five quarter”).

This hand painted cedar wood house number sign retails for $90

Contact us at to discuss your house number sign.

Lanesborough MA Historic House Plaque Program has been selected by the Lanesborough MA 250th Committee to create hand lettered and painted historic house sign plaques for about 40 historic houses and historic properties to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Lanesborough, Massachusetts. This page is created to be a clearinghouse of information for Lanesborough MA homeowners.

Lanesborough has selected the 15″ x 9″ rectangle solid Western Red Cedar sign plaque for the standard house plaque. An example of this hand painted and hand lettered sign is photographed above.

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Dating Old Historic Houses

I’ve been having this pleasant exchange with an historic house owner in Connecticut. Kinda shows some of the intricacies of dating old historic houses.

Customer email: “..Love your signs and was interested to get pricing on a house circa plaque.  Possible information to put on the sign–

Nathaniel Brown the younger
C. 1825

Not sure how “the younger” should be placed on the sign, but figured you would have an idea.  The reason “the younger” is sort of important is because Nathanial Brown the Older (the father) had his house a bit farther up the road.  I think it is a bit quirky as well!

We are not looking for anything huge. ”

More background I ask… and that is where the vagueness of history begins…

“We have a very weird situation with the dates for the house.  The house is listed on town record as 1722 and we have a letter from the town that confirms this date, but the historical society says 1825.  It is a federal style house, so the 1722 is not accurate, but it has left us questioning the 1825.”

My reply…”

Triple center chimney with brick oven and swing arm in the current dining room, not a walk-in hearth though.

The millwork around the front door is brand new, the house had no trim details to speak of– we think the windows are redone in late 1800s (unique push button stops), one original window remains (back attic), which is 8 over 12.

Here it is– I am almost just leaning towards 1822 or just saying 1800.  I think we could search the deed out in Middletown (Portland was apart of Middletown when our house was built), but we just haven’t had the chance.  I am planning to go on Monday morning and then will just make a decision.

Thanks for the help!


Holiday 2014 Sign Ordering

historic house hand painted sign plaque
Decked out for Christmas, our historic house in Medford, NJ was built in 1863 by Thomas Potts. The Dickens Festival is celebrated every December on Main Street.

Updated Dec. 24, 2014…. thanks all our customers for choosing us to create your hand painted wood signs for the 2014 Christmas Holiday Season. At this time, 2 days before Christmas, ALL sign orders are out for delivery for Christmas.

Since 2003, we have been meeting all deadlines for delivery, no delays.

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London Sign Collection

We are introducing a collection of reproductions of hand painted signs of London, England, seen during our visit to London in April 2014. serpentine lodge hyde park londonWe have selected a half dozen signs to reproduce made-to-order and will be unveiling them one at a time here in our blog so that we can provide background and allow for your comments.

Starting with my favorite, the Serpentine Lodge Sign, located within Hyde Park across from the Serpentine Lake. The photo here is of the Serpentine Lodge, a perfect little cottage along the lakeside walkway.

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