London Sign Collection

We are introducing a collection of reproductions of hand painted signs of London, England, seen during our visit to London in April 2014. serpentine lodge hyde park londonWe have selected a half dozen signs to reproduce made-to-order and will be unveiling them one at a time here in our blog so that we can provide background and allow for your comments.

Starting with my favorite, the Serpentine Lodge Sign, located within Hyde Park across from the Serpentine Lake. The photo here is of the Serpentine Lodge, a perfect little cottage along the lakeside walkway.

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Why a Hand Painted Sign Blog?

Why start blogging about hand painted wood signs? That was the question I asked myself when my wife suggested that a do a blog. Sounded like more work.

But the next day, I was speaking to a sign customer for whom I made a cedar oval sign for his historic house in New York, and he mentioned that he doesn’t do Facebook. Alas, my reason for a blog — to reach my customers who do not use Facebook.   Continue reading